Artscreen transforms any flat panel TV or projection screen into a work of art. Artscreen will transform any room visually. Artscreen offers the choice of any art, picture or design that covers the TV when not in use, to add to any room interior.

  • Custom made to fit any TV
  • Silent motor screen retraction
  • IR / dry contact remote control ascends or descends artwork
  • Universal automation control compatible
  • Art-on-canvas is displayed when not in use
  • Display family portraits, favorite photos or 1,200+ artwork designs
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Giclée archival print quality
  • Made in the USA
  1. Click to see the Artscreen in action. Order in 5 easy steps
  2. Designate your TV
  3. Select your Art
  4. Chose the frame and liner
  5. Determine if you would like it flush or recessed mounted in or on your wall

Both – Artscreens are custom made based on the TV make and model then the frame and art selection. There is an Off-The-Shelf version called Studio Series, but it still requires you to select your frame and art, it is universally sized.

Giclée is based on the French word  “le gicleur” meaning “nozzle”, or more specifically “gicler” meaning to squirt, spurt, or spray”.  It is the name given to a large format, high resolution industrial print which has become a standard for fine-art printing. Its detailed resolution provides the best quality, rendering saturated colors with a broad range of tonal values. Giclée prints can be found in world-renowned museums and galleries around the world.

Artscreen can be made to be recessed or surface mounted.
Recessed, we give you the ability to mount it into the frame. Surface, you supply the mount.
Studio Series is sold only as a surface mount.

We manufacture Art Frames in our factory in Coral Springs, Florida.  We stock most popular frames, the canvas is printed in-house, and the housing is customized for your order by our engineering team. By manufacturing ourselves, we are able to ship quickly, usually 1 – 2 weeks. It could be longer if there is a delay in you signing your artwork sign off or on the rare occasion that we don’t have the frame material in stock.

Yes, as long as you have the authority to reproduce the photo/art the image can be enlarged, ie you send us the required file size. 

> Click Here for the file requirements

You will also need a release form. 

> Click Here for the release form

You may also need the artist licensed agreement form, which you can download here. 

> Click Here for the artist licensed agreement form

You can buy an Artscreen at any Best Buy Magnolia Design Studio or through one of our authorized audio visual dealers.

Yes, for specifications and requirements

> Click Here for the file requirements

You will also need a release form. 

> Click Here for the release form

You may also need the artist licensed agreement form, which you can download here. 

> Click Here for the artist licensed agreement form

Unless a plug is already in position for an Artscreen, you will need an electrician, or an audio visual dealer (who can do both carpentry and electric). To install the Artscreen we recommend a general contractor, audio visual dealer or Magnolia Best Buy Installer.

You need an electrician and a carpenter or an authorized AV dealer who has both.

The quickest way to locate an installer is to contact us for an authorized Artscreen dealer closest to you, or if you are in the USA, locate a Magnolia Design Studio, at a Best Buy, Angies List, Amazon Services, Porch.com.

The TV/Screen and Installation costs are not included in your Artscreen Purchase.

When recessed we include a mounting assembly, when surfaced the TV mount is not included.

Yes, installation instructions are included in the Artscreen when delivered and are on our website.

Yes, the Artscreen comes with a one year warranty.

Yes, you can order and replace any frame and art as long as the TV or screen has not changed in size.

Yes, some customers order multiple remounted art rolls and change them with the seasons.

You can change the art yourself. There are only two components, a molex plug and two screws. You may however, have to adjust the limit settings for the motor so the art lines up with the frame properly.

If you purchase a thinner TV by depth and it is the same size there should not be a problem. If you purchase a thicker or larger, you will need a new Artscreen. If uncertain, contact us.

You do not need a false wall, but you can if you want to conceal other entertainment equipment such as speakers, electronics etc.

Yes an Artscreen can be installed over a fireplace. Consider that if there is no mantle over the fireplace, the heat will rise and reach the Artscreen and TV. If it is a regular fireplace with a chimney, ensure you have insulation protecting the TV from the heat. We recommend you have it reviewed by the dealer/installer.

Artscreens are located in many places, private boats and yachts, cruise ships, private airplanes, in boardrooms, conference rooms, CEO offices, product showrooms, government offices, private estates, kitchens, lounge rooms, home theaters, bedrooms, children’s play rooms, hallways and various other locations.

Yes, only if you are also ordering an Artscreen then you can order a frame and art, some customers do this as they would like to have art on either side of their Artscreen.

The Artscreen Studio Series is a universally sized product, it is not a custom made product, it is based on standard TV sizes. The Studio Series goes over a flat panel TV or projection screen on the surface of the wall. Its function is to hide the TV or screen with the decorative piece of art in a decorative frame. The Studio Series is our most competitively priced Artscreen as it requires minimal customization. The price of the Studio Series depends on the size of the TV.

Our Frames fit TV’s from 32” up to 65”

Standard TV sizes :
42” – Fits TV 32” – 43” (Diagonal measurement), Maximum TV Space Dimensions TV 27” x 44” x 6”,
50” – Fits TV 44” – 55” (Diagonal measurement), Maximum TV Space Dimensions TV 35” x 54” x 6”, MSRP $1,258
60” Fits TV 56” – 65” (Diagonal measurement), Maximum TV Space Dimensions TV 43” x 64” x 6”, MSRP $1,748

Slim TV sizes:
42” – Fits TV’s 32” – 43” (Diagonal measurement), Maximum TV Space Dimensions TV 24.5” x 44” x 2.5”, MSRP$1,153
50” – Fits TV’s 44” – 55” (Diagonal measurement), Maximum TV Space Dimensions TV 30” x 54” x 2.5”, MSRP$1,258
60” – Fits TV’s 56” – 65” (Diagonal measurement), Maximum TV Space Dimensions TV 38” x 67.5” x 2.5”, MSRP$1,748

Prices are in USD, are subject to change and may not include sales tax or any other relevant taxes and fees. Does not include shipping or installation.

Note: Artscreen, DecoFrame, TheaterArt and Deco-Vu are customized and a different price.

Yes. The liner adds contrast and beauty to the frame.

Yes, we need the liner to make up the size of a minimum of 5.5” wide.

If we are using wooden frames, approximately 120” diagonal, 16:9 format. If we were to use a black velvet frame, similar to our masking systems, we can go up to 140” diagonal 16:9 format, possibly larger with alternative fabrics. The canvas can go up to 140” diagonal 16:9 format.

The art is printed on archival canvas. The printing process is called Gilcée printing, the same process that professional artist use to replicate their original artwork. The process has on average 100 year life span depending on how much UV exposure the canvas gets. All canvasses are sprayed with a UV protectant.

Yes, we do make Artscreens for 3D TV’s.

Yes, we have our DecoFrame (for surface mounting), which is designed to frame the TV and does not come with any art. You can easily install the DecoFrame yourself as it sits on the TV. We have a set of 8 frames at an affordable price or you can select any of our frames and we will custom make the frame for you.

Yes, Artscreen does work with a smarthome home automation system, make sure you inform us what is being integrated to enable us to install the right IR system. Keep in mind that it will need to be programmed by a professional.

We have several control options. Standard with every order is an IR control system, with Low Voltage control on the circuit board or a 12V DC Auto Relay can be substituted.

Yes we can, simply let us know that you have these features when you place an order. We can also enlarge the opening to expose these items.

Our Soundscape product is made specifically for a sound bar. Tells us the manufacturer and model number of the sound bar. We can accommodate speakers on the TV, provide us with your brand and model and speaker bar information as well as location when ordering.

Yes we make ArtFrames for both Slim and thicker TV’s.

The Artscreen housing is made of a metal frame and powder coated, it is tested for strength and durability.

Large Artscreens are shipped in a wooden crate on a pallet. Smaller Artscreens are packaged in cardboard boxes on a pallet.

To have a custom art piece printed, follow these easy steps:

  1. Get authorization from the artist with the “Artist License Agreement Form” > Click Here for the artist licensed agreement form
  2. If you are the artist or you took the photo yourself, complete a “Casual Use Release Form” > Click Here for the release form
  3. Send us the file together with the relevant completed signed form. Email to Click Here

Have a question we did not answer, contact us with your question, Click Here

Yes all of our frames are made of wood. We source our frames from quality frame manufacturers. The majority of our frames are Made In The USA.