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Our Story

Vutec Corporation, the founding company of the projection screen industry, further enhanced the projection screen in a home theatre in 2004 with the first Artscreen, and called it Theatre Art. Since then, the Artscreen product line has evolved.

  • Artscreen covers TV’s from 42″ up to 103″.
  • Theatre Art is custom made depending on the size of the screen.
  • Decoframe is the frame with a back box and no art.
  • Studio Series  is our more economical line, it does not have a custom back box but a generic one.

Our Process

The Artscreen Systems product line is always changing and we have a full in-house team working towards bringing you the best experience.

New Frames – Vutec’s marketing team regularly sources quality wooden frames. The majority of our frames are American frames from American forests. Some of our frames are also imported from Italy from highly reputable long standing American based manufacturers and distributors. The buying team works hard to negotiate with the frame manufacturer to ensure the best price and quality frame is delivered to us in a short time frame.

New Artists – Vutec’s marketing team are working team are always looking for new artists and art. We are regularly updating our site with new art and we work closely with talented artists who will paint art for any Artscreen Systems product.

Customer Focused – Each Artscreen order is overseen by our dedicated Artscreen sales specialist. They ensure your order is correct and you are not missing any information that would delay your order.

Abstract About Us

Latest Technology – Vutec’s engineers are constantly working with major TV manufacturers to ensure our specially designed housing fits all makes and models of TV’s released. They are also creating new ways to improve our product, expand the product range and design innovative ways to conceal items as well as work with customers one-on-one for specialty designs. The engineering department personally works on each order to ensure that correct design drawings and measurements are provided to the warehouse and graphic team.

Quality Prints – Vutec’s graphic design team manage the quality of each print. They ensure that each image perfectly fits each specific frame size and personally monitor each print as it occurs. The graphic team communicates with each customer to provide them with samples prior to printing.

Custom Manufacturing – Vutec’s factory manufactures the custom-made engineered design back box (which houses the TV) to meet the customer’s requirements. The back box is then placed into one of South Florida’s fully automatic powder coating machines (also located in our factory). The motorized roller and art are installed while our framing craftsman cut the frame to size, aligning corners and inserting liners.

Less than 1% shipment damage – Vutec’s logistics team create each Artscreen crate from scratch, hand constructing it and packaging the artscreen securely to ensure minimal damage when shipped.

Quick turnaround – Vutec manufactures your Artscreen and has it ready to ship anywhere. We utilize several trusted logistic companies to ensure timely safe delivery of your new Artscreen.

Financing – Looking to finance your Artscreen, Vutec’s finance department has negotiated very good financing options with our customer focused service provider.